Groups is a combination of email lists and collaborative email boxes. A group is always generated when you create a new mailing list (Group) in G Suite. As a default, this group will work only as a mailing list, which will gather an archive of all incoming email and distributes them to users email boxes.

Browsing groups

To open groups, select the application menu and select Groups. 

From here you can select your My Groups (Groups which you are part of) or browse Groups (Groups inside your organization which are set visible in groups menu).

Opening a group

By browsing your groups you can open groups which have been shared with you. To open a group, click on the group name from my groups menu.

Type of the group

By changing group settings, you can create following functions:

- Mailing lists (Default)

- Collaborative inbox

- Forum

- Questions & answers

Message delivery

Most common used function in Groups is setting message delivery settings. User or group owner can set message delivery as follows:

- A message to users inbox from each email

- Daily recap

- Summary update(25 message in inbox)

- Don't send email