Your email account can be delegated to other users. After this, the user that the account is being delegated to has full privilege to use the email. Other applications can't be used by the delegated user. This is an easy way to give access to email for other users without sharing the password. 

1. Go to Gmail account which you want to delegate.

    2. From the upper right corner, click on the gear icon and select Settings.

      3. From settings, select tab Accounts:

          4. From article "Grant access to your account" click on "Add another account".

            5. A new window will pop up, in here you need to insert the email account which you want to grant access. Insert the email.

              6. Next, a confirmation window will pop up. Check the account and grant access.


                7. A email will be sent to the account which you have granted access to. Log in to the email or inform the owner of the account that the message has been sent. He or she needs to Confirm the delegation with the link provided in the email.

                8. After the access has been granted successfully, a new window will open, which confirms the delegation. Close the window.

                  9. It takes some time for the changes to take place, but after 30 minutes max the delegated account should appear on the upper right corner, under your profile picture. From here you can access the delegated email.