You can use several Google accounts simultaneously with your Chrome browser by using Chrome profiles. Each profile will have a window of its on and you can move them independently for different screens or view them next to each other. If you are using several computers, you have to create the profile for each one of them.

To create a new user (profile) for Chrome, follow these instructions: 

1. Select Chrome settings from the three dots at the top bar > Settings. Or go directly to chrome://settings.

2. 'Click Manage other people'. From bottom of the pop up screen, select 'Add person'

3. Select an avatar for the user and create profile. 

4. Chrome now opens a new window under this profile. Now you can sign in with a new Google account, Chrome will then recognize this account and will adjust the settings according the profile. Chrome will remember this user under this profile. 

You can change the profile inside the browser from now on by clicking your name in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser.