To keep your Chrome browser secure, the browser downloads newest updates automatically on the background. The browser checks the newest available version automatically.

When are the updates available?

The updates will be downloaded and installed when you close and open the Chrome browser. If you haven't closed your browser in a while, you can see the Chrome menu color changing either green Update Chrome, orange Sync error or red . These colors tell you how long the update has been available. Green indicates that it has been available two days, orange indicates four days and red indicates that the update has been available for atleast a week. To install these updates, follow these instructions.

  1. Click the Chrome menu on the browsers top bar.
  2. Select Update Google Chrome.
  3. The browser then prompts you to Restart the browser. The browser will save the windows and tabs you had open, and opens them at the restart. If you don't want to restart the browser at the moment, select Not now. The update will take place automatically on the next time you close and open the browser.

Windows 8 -users: Remember to close all Chrome windows and tabs from desktop and also from the Windows 8 application. Updates will take place when you restart the browser.

Searching for updates and checking the current browser version

Click on the browsers Chrome menu Chrome menu and select About Google Chrome. Version number is the series of numbers under the Google Chrome title. Chrome will check available updates when you are on this page. Install updates selecting Restart.