You can access your account settings from anywhere in G Suite, e.g. from Gmail. In the account settings you can e.g. change your password or the preferred display language.

Accessing settings

1. Access your account settings by clicking the profile icon in the up right corner and selecting Account. 

Note! If you don't yet have a G+ profile, click the e-mail address displayed in the up right corner and select Account.

2. You can now

- View and edit personal information in the Personal Info tab

- Check your security settings and change your password in the Security Tab

- Change your preferred languages in the Language tab

- Check how much unused space you have on your account in the Data tools tab


Changing account language

1. Select the tab Language

2. Select Language on the left panel

Note: If you are using different languages in different Apps, you'll see a red warning sign next to the language selection box. By clicking the sign you can change the preferred language for all Apps.

3. Select the language you wish to use.

Changing the account password

1. Select Security tab

2. Click Change Password on the left panel