You can configure your Mac Mail to use your Google account. We recommend that you add your Google account directly to your Mac accounts. This way both your mail messages and calendars will be synchronized.

Adding Google account

1. Open System preferences and go to Internet Accounts

2. Pick Google

3. Type in your account information.




If you are using 2-step-authentication, you will have to create a one-time password.

If this is the case, you will be prompted to do so.


4. Choose which applications you want to synchronize.





Messages (Note! We recommend using Google Hangouts)



5.Synchronizing begins.


6. Next you will have to configure the settings for outgoing mail. Open Mac Mail Preferences.


7. Pick Outgoing Mail Server.

8. Click Edit ...

9. Type in your complete e-mail address to "User name".

10. The set up is completed.